My life has forever been changed with the help of Dyslexia Learning Center. After struggling in school for many years I began receiving tutoring and now have had a successful high school career and will be planning for college next year.



Former Student

Our son, Jack, was diagnosed with Dyslexia when he was in third grade. He is a bright, articulate child who struggled with his reading and keeping pace with his regular classwork. He would read very slowly, skipping words, mixing up letters and sounds, and get frustrated.  He would cry every day when he had to do his homework because it took him so long to complete it and it was such a struggle to keep up with the reading. As a parent, it was disheartening to feel so helpless and unable to help him. We watched him suffer and slowly lose interest in school, reading, and learning at such a young age.  That all changed when we met Ms. Hallie Botkin!


Ms. Botkin began working with Jack when he was in the sixth grade. She taught him skills and techniques to understand and process the information he was reading.  It was amazing to see him succeed! The biggest change, however, was his attitude and self-confidence.  Ms. Botkin created a caring, positive, and safe environment for him to relearn reading in a way that he could understand. She supported him in such a positive way. His whole attitude and self-image changed. Working with Ms. Botkin was the best thing we could do for our son!


Jack is now a junior in high school. He attends a large high school and is ranked in the top 6% of a class of 664 juniors. This year, he has joined the school newspaper as a staff writer, takes 5 AP courses (including AP English), and maintains an A average. As he prepares for college applications, we no longer see that little boy who would cry while doing homework.  Instead, we see a young man who embraces learning, owns his Dyslexia, and runs with it. We are so thankful for the caring, skillful, dedication Ms. Botkin gave to our son. She is priceless!


Tricia and Russ Padgett

I couldn’t be ANY more thankful for the Dyslexia Learning Center. My daughter has severe dyslexia and tested at a kindergarten level in 7th grade. We did all kinds of therapies and nothing helped her. She was tutored at the Dyslexia Learning Center for two years. She began high school 2 months ago and she has ALL A’s! It’s truly heartbreaking to see your child work so hard and struggle everyday at school. Heith Crisp has changed her life. We are incredibly thankful for him and all he has done to help our girl. I can’t recommend Dyslexia Learning Center enough. We will be forever grateful!

Kristy W.

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