How to Help Your Dyslexic Child

Treating dyslexia is not like treating a medical issue. Dyslexia never goes away. It cannot be outgrown. The best treatment is intense, one-on-one tutoring and remediation using a Structured Literacy program. Your child can learn the skills he or she needs to succeed and to overcome some of the struggles that students with dyslexia face. This includes difficulties with reading, spelling, and writing. 

Our Approach to Learning

The Dyslexia Learning Center offers private, one-on-one tutoring rather than group tutoring. This method enables us to meet the needs of every child through individualized instruction. Our private lessons enable our tutors to build relationships with their students. This includes discovering and adapting to each student's unique learning style.

The main program we use is the Barton Reading & Spelling System which is a multisensory, Structured Literacy program. This tutoring system is based on Orton-Gillingham principles.

Target Tutoring Areas


The Barton program strengthens the weak phonemic awareness skills that typically come with dyslexia. It provides students with sufficient practice in hearing, isolating, repeating, and manipulating phonemes to improve their processing skills. Once the student has reached a certain level, we move on to using graphemes and reading words. As the students move through the program, reading individual words leads to reading phrases, then reading sentences, and finally reading paragraphs! 


Being unable to spell common words can lower a child’s self-confidence and make it difficult to ace writing assignments. We teach students how to sound out certain words and match the sounds to letters. We also provide them with a toolbox of spelling rules that show them how to spell more difficult words. 

Sight words, words that do not follow the spelling rules and which the child cannot sound out, are particularly hard for those with dyslexia to learn how to spell (and read). These words, such as “what” and “you”, simply have to be memorized. Our tutors check each students’ ability to read and spell sight words to target the ones that they need to work on together.


Writing can often be one of the most difficult tasks for a dyslexic student. We offer an optional writing program. It is a step-by-step, structured approach to writing composition that can greatly improve a student's ability to compose stories, essays, and letters. 
We also have a handwriting program that can be purchased upon request and used at home.

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